Yoga With Bunnies is Amazing!


Calm Cottontail Yoga

Christi Eley has been teaching children's yoga for over 20 years.  She is the Founder and Owner of Angel Bear Yoga 


She offers Calm C​ottontail Yoga which focuses on the 3 C's - Character, Calming and Cottontails!

Classes concentrate on breathing techniques, meditation and yoga poses specifically for young children and a live bunny always joins along!  By combining yoga and animal therapy, children learn from nature and the benefits are long lasting.

This is wonderful for all children, but especially helpful for children labeled with ADD/ADHD.  

In a four part series, each class will have a 

special theme:

* Bunny Breaths - Importance of the breath 

* Bunny Ears - Importance of listening

* Bunny Pom Poms - Importance of focus

* Bunny Blossoms - Importance of gratitude

Set up your Calm Cottontail Class now!

Offering private lessons at the Bunny Burrow (which is at Mrs. Cottontail's house in Winston-Salem) or Mrs. Cottontail will come directly to your school!

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