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Mrs. Cottontail and Friends

Bunnies Coming to You is Amazing!


Personalized Videos and Zoom Story Sessions

Mrs. Cottontail and Friends offers unique experiences that allow your young ones to make treasured memories with Mrs. Cottontail and Mr. Flopsy both! Learn all about our services and contact us to schedule the call!

Mr. Flopsy Personalized Video | $15.00

Surprise your child with a personalized video message from the one and only, Mr. Flopsy! This is perfect for birthdays, special events, congratulatory celebrations, inspiration for challenging times, or just because you love them. Most videos are between 2-5 minutes depending on child’s age and the given information.

To plan and schedule a personalized video, please contact us through the site or our Facebook page. Please allow at least one week for scheduling and include the following information so we can make it more special for your child.

• Name

• Age

• Reason for the Video

• Two Things That Your Child Likes (Hobbies, Daily Activities, Animals, and the Like)

The video will be pre-recorded and sent to you on the schedule date. Your child will surely take delight in Mr. Flopsy’s message!

Mrs. Cottontail and Mr. Flopsy Zoom Story Time | $25.00

Let your child or class enjoy a live Zoom story time with Mrs. Cottontail and Mr. Flopsy! This is perfect for reading “Mr. Flopsy, Whispers from God” and having a Q&A after. Children will surely have fun interacting directly with Mrs. Cottontail and Mr. Flopsy.

While most calls take around 30 minutes, we can personalize the call according to your needs and schedule it longer. Get in touch with us to plan and schedule this call. Kindly include the following information to add a personal touch to the call:

• Child’s Name or Class Information

• Age/s

• Reason for the Zoom Call

• Two Special Talking Points for Mrs. Cottontail

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