Want a Special Treat?

Come t​o the Bunny Burr​ow!

The Bunny Burrow is where Mrs. Cottontail's 7 adorable rabbits live and play!   We are opening our doors for you to come and visit!

Fun Fact - A group of bunnies is called a Fluffle!

Reserve Your Bunny Time at the Bunny Burrow!

* Meet the Fluffle - Come to Mrs. Cottontail's Bunny Burrow for a special time - perfect for parent/child time, grandparent/child time, special occasions, special treats and lots of fun!

* Spend time with the bunnies, photo opportunities by seasonal backdrops and bunny crafts included with each visit.

Customize your child's experience based on age and needs.  

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Private Bunny Visits with Mrs. Cottontail!

Children will delight in having their own private bunny visit at the Bunny Burrow 

with Mrs. Cottontail!  Children at birthday parties and school programs are always asking for more time with the bunnies and this is the perfect opportunity.  Children need time to slow down and enjoy special moments connecting with animals.  


* Children will have a special experience visiting the Bunny Burrow - their own private time with the bunnies in a magical room surrounded by all things bunny!

* They will meet the bunnies and have the opportunity to pick out several bunnies that they want to spend individual time with.  They will be able to take their time holding, petting, brushing and picking out costumes for their bunnies.

* We have beautiful photography backdrops, so children can have a photo shoot with the bunnies.  They can come dressed up for the occasion.  Parents (who will stay) can take as many pictures as they want! 

* We will do one craft activity - bunny bracelets, clay bunnies and/or a sprinkle bunny jar.

* We can add in Calm Cottontail Yoga and learn some Bunny Breaths or Bunny Meditations for help with calming/relaxation - the bunnies are very good at this!

* It will be a magical time that your child will remember for years to come!

 Times are flexible - we have morning, afternoon or evening hours.  Conveniently located in Winston-Salem. 

 For ages 3 and up.

Call or message to set up your special time with the bunnies!